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20 October, 2006

Wah Yan used to be romantic in the evening

A recent strings of thoughts while travelling along Queen's Road East:

5 p.m.. Look up the science wing of Wah Yan from Queen's Road East. Images of Wah Yan 25 years ago replay.
The Wah Yan campus was romantic by evening. Students ceased playing ball games. Hardworking boys returned to their classrooms to study (often until 9 p.m. when they had to go). Birds sang. Fr. O'Rourke 'inspected' the school from the roof - walking, stopping, gazing down the lawn, walking again. The evening sunrays beamed into the Physics lecture theatre through the spaces between the oblique concrete shades. The two huge stain glass windows west to the lecture theatres, now gone - one of Christ and the other of the Blessed Virgin Mary - were brightly lit by the golden sun from the west. Flowers bloomed on the biggest tree on the lawn. In the air, there was a sense of tranquility. Fathers began their evening community prayer in the Fathers' chapel (above the old music room, now gone too). As night drew near, students of the evening school began arriving. It was a world apart from the buzzy student life during the day.



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