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26 December, 2006

See You This Saturday

Please come at 2pm for soccer game or 3pm for the whole program
We will end by 8pm, so you still have time for any other plan.

your classmate

16 December, 2006

Webcast of the Reunion?

Hi, Fellow Classmates. Long time no see. I am happy just to read the names on the registration list. Even happier to know that many of you are still kicking strong after some 25 years. Please allow me to make a couple of suggestions. Do we have the means to setup a webcast of the reunion, allowing MIAs to share the experience too? And can we have a designated photographer, either hired or volunteered, to take photos and videos of the reunion? Thanks. MG.

08 December, 2006

Hello from CC

Great seeing you guys , I am very excited about the coming event.
I have a picture in 4A1



07 December, 2006

Class 1A1

Even up to today, I still remember every faces of 1A1, seeing those faces make me smile, make me laugh and some how a 'warm' current flow to my heart.

05 December, 2006

Registration Status

(Updated to 5 December 2006)

1. Chan Kwai Shing, Kenneth
2. Chan Lap Tak, Douglas
3. Chan Shun Wah
4. Chan Wai Kwok
5. Chan Yiu Chung
6. Chau Chu Wa
7. Chen Po Cheung, Eric
8. Cheung Chun Hung
9. Chow Shau Lim, Stan
10. Chui Tin Chee, Eugene
11. Chung Yuk Man
12. Ho Wai Chak
13. Ho, Daniel
14. Hsu Siu Chi
15. Ko Jenva
16. Kou Siu Kei
17. Kwong Tse Hin, Julian
18. Lao Koon Ming
19. Lau Chi Cheng, Samuel
20. Lau Wai Kwong, Joseph
21. Law Pak Wai, Kenneth
22. Law Wai On
23. Lee Chak Bun
24. Lee Che Kit
25. Lee Ho Lam, Colin
26. Lee Man Fai
27. Leung An Loi, Derek
28. Leung Chung Hang, Leo
29. Li Kai Fung, Harry
30. Li Man Kin, Jeffrey
31. Liu Pin, George
32. Lo Wai Keung
33. Low Chun Keung, Franky
34. Mak Chi Fai, Jacky
35. Mak Wai Man, Raymond
36. Mok Charles Peter
37. Ng Yue Lit
38. Sin Kar Wah
39. Tan Kang, John
40. To Wai Ming
41. Tse Kwan Kin
42. Tung Siu Man
43. Wong Bo Chi, Bobby
44. Wong Chun Man, Roy
45. Wong Chung Ming, Kenneth
46. Young Ho Chung, Johnny
47. Yu Chiu Fan
48. Yuen Sai Sang, James