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16 December, 2006

Webcast of the Reunion?

Hi, Fellow Classmates. Long time no see. I am happy just to read the names on the registration list. Even happier to know that many of you are still kicking strong after some 25 years. Please allow me to make a couple of suggestions. Do we have the means to setup a webcast of the reunion, allowing MIAs to share the experience too? And can we have a designated photographer, either hired or volunteered, to take photos and videos of the reunion? Thanks. MG.


Blogger wahyan81 said...

A webcast is beyond our abilities at the moment, but we are trying our best to secure photo and video shooting of the event. What's MIA and what's your full name, MG?


11:39 pm  
Blogger wahyan81 said...

Hi, John. How are you? Have you been teaching at WYCHK?

Please post many photos and videos on this website. Thanks in advance to whoever making the effort and of course, every member of the OC.

MIA: Missing-In-Action during war. It is just a light-hearted way of referring to the absentees.

MG: Initials of a nickname. You do have a long memory, right? :-) I am pretty much retired now busy raising 1 toddler and 1 infant. We can't go anywhere anytime soon, until they grow older.

I hope there will be a 30th reunion. This maybe a good opportunity to float the idea of organizing a reunion every decade after the 30th.

Take care. MG.

12:31 pm  

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