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01 January, 2007

For you, who could not come

Our reunion did run well last Saturday in our School hall. Sunny weather, temperature at 28C, green grass, bird singing everywhere, sweat air, happy faces and a lot of memories.

We did the school tour, saw a lot of old rooms, new changes, to the new building seeing the school roof........

Seeing all the old classmate, shaking hands, say Hi and don't know what to say next, looking at old photos , talking nonsense, then saw our teachers, their faces, they are still healthy, same personality, still lovely........

Listening to our classmate recent changes, what they are doing lately , how their life is after school......

Then, games, lovely dinner and group picture.

Went back home, sweat dream...................

Liu Pin 劉斌

26 December, 2006

See You This Saturday

Please come at 2pm for soccer game or 3pm for the whole program
We will end by 8pm, so you still have time for any other plan.

your classmate

16 December, 2006

Webcast of the Reunion?

Hi, Fellow Classmates. Long time no see. I am happy just to read the names on the registration list. Even happier to know that many of you are still kicking strong after some 25 years. Please allow me to make a couple of suggestions. Do we have the means to setup a webcast of the reunion, allowing MIAs to share the experience too? And can we have a designated photographer, either hired or volunteered, to take photos and videos of the reunion? Thanks. MG.

08 December, 2006

Hello from CC

Great seeing you guys , I am very excited about the coming event.
I have a picture in 4A1



07 December, 2006

Class 1A1

Even up to today, I still remember every faces of 1A1, seeing those faces make me smile, make me laugh and some how a 'warm' current flow to my heart.

05 December, 2006

Registration Status

(Updated to 5 December 2006)

1. Chan Kwai Shing, Kenneth
2. Chan Lap Tak, Douglas
3. Chan Shun Wah
4. Chan Wai Kwok
5. Chan Yiu Chung
6. Chau Chu Wa
7. Chen Po Cheung, Eric
8. Cheung Chun Hung
9. Chow Shau Lim, Stan
10. Chui Tin Chee, Eugene
11. Chung Yuk Man
12. Ho Wai Chak
13. Ho, Daniel
14. Hsu Siu Chi
15. Ko Jenva
16. Kou Siu Kei
17. Kwong Tse Hin, Julian
18. Lao Koon Ming
19. Lau Chi Cheng, Samuel
20. Lau Wai Kwong, Joseph
21. Law Pak Wai, Kenneth
22. Law Wai On
23. Lee Chak Bun
24. Lee Che Kit
25. Lee Ho Lam, Colin
26. Lee Man Fai
27. Leung An Loi, Derek
28. Leung Chung Hang, Leo
29. Li Kai Fung, Harry
30. Li Man Kin, Jeffrey
31. Liu Pin, George
32. Lo Wai Keung
33. Low Chun Keung, Franky
34. Mak Chi Fai, Jacky
35. Mak Wai Man, Raymond
36. Mok Charles Peter
37. Ng Yue Lit
38. Sin Kar Wah
39. Tan Kang, John
40. To Wai Ming
41. Tse Kwan Kin
42. Tung Siu Man
43. Wong Bo Chi, Bobby
44. Wong Chun Man, Roy
45. Wong Chung Ming, Kenneth
46. Young Ho Chung, Johnny
47. Yu Chiu Fan
48. Yuen Sai Sang, James

26 November, 2006

Red Brick

somehow these are no ordinary brick to me.
these are brick that stur up a lot of memories, try to touch it and you will know........

Liu Pin

10 November, 2006

Dear friends,

just posted three pictures that I picked up from my drawer,
was taken during the last reunion that I recalled ( consist of Form six classes)
that was after our graduation and we all put on our old uniform for fun.......

can someone tell me the date of those pictures ?

Liu Pin

reunion at ? 1986

20 October, 2006

Wah Yan used to be romantic in the evening

A recent strings of thoughts while travelling along Queen's Road East:

5 p.m.. Look up the science wing of Wah Yan from Queen's Road East. Images of Wah Yan 25 years ago replay.
The Wah Yan campus was romantic by evening. Students ceased playing ball games. Hardworking boys returned to their classrooms to study (often until 9 p.m. when they had to go). Birds sang. Fr. O'Rourke 'inspected' the school from the roof - walking, stopping, gazing down the lawn, walking again. The evening sunrays beamed into the Physics lecture theatre through the spaces between the oblique concrete shades. The two huge stain glass windows west to the lecture theatres, now gone - one of Christ and the other of the Blessed Virgin Mary - were brightly lit by the golden sun from the west. Flowers bloomed on the biggest tree on the lawn. In the air, there was a sense of tranquility. Fathers began their evening community prayer in the Fathers' chapel (above the old music room, now gone too). As night drew near, students of the evening school began arriving. It was a world apart from the buzzy student life during the day.


19 October, 2006

Class 1981 WYCHK 25th Anniversary Reunion

Dear Classmate of Class 1981,

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Form 5 graduation of our Class. We are going to organize a reunion event (our first in the past 25 years) on December 30, 2006 (Sat) in our mother school. All Classmates who graduated from Form 5 in 1981 or entered Form 1 in 1976 but left before Form 5, their spouse (or girlfriend) and children, are welcome to attend.

The following Teachers have accepted our invitation to attend this reunion: Fr. Baptista; Mr Chan Pat Yuen; Mr Chan Pui Tin; Mr Chau Sui Hay; Mr Cheung Man San; Mrs Margaret Ho; Mr Ip Fuk Wah; Mr Kwok Ka Chu; Miss Kwok Suk Wah; Mr Adrian Lee; Mr J B Lam Hung Kwong; Miss M Lau Yuet Ming (later Mrs Ng); Mr K P Lee; Mr Tam Siu Ping; Mr C S Wong; Mr Wong Chung Tai

(Registration Status of Classmates)

The tentative programme on December 30, 2006 is as follows:

2:00 pm Soccer match among 1981 Graduates
3:30 pm School tour (old and new buildings)
4:30 pm Main programme:
'Memory of 1981' game
Sharing among Classmates and Teachers
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Singing Oldies
Documentary movie of Wah Yan student life in early 1980s
8:15 End of programme

Children programmes will be planned if we receive a significant number of children registrations. Wah Yan souvenir items (such as old boys' ties) will be sold during the event. We shall cover the dinner expenses of the invited Teachers and any surplus will go to the Jesuit Fathers' Nursing Fund.

The prices for Class 1981 Classmates and their family are:
Adults: HK$250@ (covering dinner cost of and gift for Teachers)
Children between 3 and 11: HK$75@
Children between 12 and 17: HK$150@

Children under 3 are free


We have initiated a blog site for this reunion event and future communication among members of Class 1981:

Please visit it from time to time for updates.
See you on December 30!

Yours sincerely,
Class 1981 25th Anniversary Reunion Organizing Committee